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Who we are

After graduating from The Theatre School at DePaul University, we were excited to join Chicago's theatre community but found ourselves yearning for an artistic home to develop our own work. Though full of hope, we were without a clear mission. Thanks to one of our professors, we sat down to make a list of all that we would want our theatre company to accomplish. After an exhausting amount of brainstorming, one of our members exclaimed, "There's so much I want to do and it feels like there's so little time to do it." This ah-ha moment captured what we believe theatre can do best, which eventually led us to our mission: 


Time is precious. We are only given so much of it. To us, great plays are about people coming to terms with the inevitable and asking themselves "What will I do with the little time I have?" It is our mission to produce plays that extend this question beyond the stage, and into the minds and hearts of our audience. 


Thus, Little Time Theater Co. was founded.

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