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The World Premiere of :


by Cameron Roberts 

Directed by Matthew Martinez Hannon

Sam and Drei are two playwriting students at a prestigious university. After a year of not speaking to each other, they reconvene tonight for a dorm-cooked meal. Sam, a white man, has written a play about the experience of a black family with the hopes of being a more inclusive, intersectional, playwright. Since the university newspaper publicly criticized the play, Sam hopes that Drei can help him understand where he may have gone wrong. But Drei wants something else. As their desires clash, a secret from the past forces Sam and Drei to confront the realities of criticism, and the unknown future of their relationship. 


Sam- Cameron Roberts 

Drei- Gregory J. Fields


Lights- Andrei Borges 

Stage Management: 

Val Buchanan


In response to recommendations from Governor J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot, we are postponing our inaugural production of Clementine. Luckily Chicago Dramatists is allowing us to keep our set and lights in the space until we are able to proceed. Refunds will be provided for all tickets. Currently and always, the health and safety of our audience is of the utmost importance to us. We hope that everyone remains happy and healthy until we are able to gather again for this play which we are oh so excited to share.

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